Warm Up America Joining Party!!!

Warm Up America is an amazing program where people, like you, donate their time, creating warm blankets for the homeless. I know we are almost in July, but Oregon Winters can stretch into Spring and Fall with rain and cold, so please consider volunteering.

Alright, here’s how it works. There are three ways you can help.

First, donate your time and a little yarn by knitting, crocheting, or looming 7 x 9 inch rectangles. When there finished drop them off at your local Michaels.  (Ask for Sarah if you are dropping them off at the Keizer Michaels)

Second, sign up for your local Warm Up America Joining Party. These parties are designed so that you can donate your time in piecing together the donated squares into beautiful blankets.

Third, help your local Michaels by giving suggestions for where to donate the blankets.

We need to get started on creating blankets now so we will be able to donate by Winter. Please help me in this noble cause. And best of all…it’s free to participate!!!


Come visit the Warm up America Joining Party in Keizer on July 6th from 10am-12


Some charities will not accept blankets as donations and I am having trouble finding a good place donation spot in Salem/Keizer area. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you!

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