June Class Schedule

$5 Yarn Social: 6-8:30pm SAM_4207

June 28th ~ $5 ~ Come Show off your projects or get help from our Certified Instructor


Warm Up America: 6-7:30pm

June 28th ~ Free! ~ Warm up America. Help piece together blankets for the homeless and needy.


Crochet Class: 10-12:30pm

June 7th ~ $25 ~ Crochet Beginner 2 – Pillow or Scarf: Discover Tall Stitches. Journey into the world of tall stitches by learning half double crochet, double crochet, and treble crochet; we will also be learning how to read patterns.

June 14th ~ $25 ~ Time for Crochet – Time for Crochet is your time. You can learn anything from knitting socks, illusion scarves, or knitted lace. It’s your time, use it how you want.

June 21st ~ $25 ~ Crochet Coasters – Add a touch of color to you tabletop and protect it too with these quick and easy coasters. They make great housewarming gifts too!

June 28th ~ $25 ~ Crochet Flower Scarf – Scarves are a hot fashion accessory for spring and this lacy, scalloped-edge beauty will perk up any outfit. The edging is created with simple shell stitches and the flower accent adds a nice touch.


Knit Class: 2-4:30pm

June 7th ~ $25 ~ Knit Beginner 2 – Tassel Hat or Neck Warmer: Discover the Purl Stitch. Continue to explore the world of knitting by learning how to create the Purl Stitch. Also learn how to read a pattern.

June 14th ~ $25 ~ Time for Knit – Time for Knit is your time. You can learn anything from knitting socks, illusion scarves, or knitted lace. It’s your time, use it how you want.

June 21st ~ $25 ~ Knit Phone Cover – If you already know the knit stitch, take this phone cover class to learn the purl stitch. Not only is this phone cover cute, it’s also functional because it will protect your phone too.

June 28th ~ $25 ~ Knit Scarf – This lacy and lovely scarf is created using simple knit and purl stitches. Make several to coordinate with your spring wardrobe.


Kids Classes: 6-7:30pm

June 3rd ~ $15 ~ FUN Bracelet and Necklace: (kids level 1) Crochet the perfect necklace and bracelet to match a favorite outfit, show off your favorite sport or create a special gift for a friend. It’s a fun project. Bet you can’t make just one! Prerequisites:  All you need before taking this class is an interest in learning to crochet! Here’s where the fun begins.

June 14th ~ $15 ~ Discover KIDS crochet 2 – Cool zipper pulls: Crochet the coolest pulls for your backpack that no one else will have. Start by single crocheting a rectangle for the pull then have fun decorating it with charms, felt stickers, bells and beads. Bet you can’t make just one! Prerequisites: Slip knot and Chain stitch

June 21st ~ $15 ~ Discover KIDS crochet 3 – Little Monsters:  Make these adorable monsters and learn the Double Crochet Stitch at the same time. Prerequisites:  Slip knot, chain stitch, foundation row, single crochet and weaving in ends

(Classes are fun, friendly, and flexible as well as tailored to the student)

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