Senet ~ The Game That Started it All.

Cue the Epic theme music! A long time ago in a time all but past, I wanted to be an Archaeologist. Could it be because I watched Indiana Jones and The Mummy Movies too many times? Possibly! I have always been fascinated by Egypt, so much so that at one time I could read and write Ancient Egyptian. In college I took several semesters of Archaeology and still dream of going on a dig to unearth lost relics.

The amazing thing about Egyptians is in the tombs of the Pharaohs they had everything they thought they would need in the afterlife. They invested years & years stocking their tombs with what they enjoyed in this life. This included games.

Senet not only was a prominent game in the tombs, but there are many carvings on the walls alongside the hieroglyphs that portrayed Pharaohs and gods playing this game. Senet had importance and some even say that an Egyptian had to know how to play if they were going to get into the Land of two Fields (or the afterlife).

Not my picture

Even though I did not go into the Archaeology field, this is what set me on the path to create replicas of historical games. I take time to research how they were played and want to educate people around the world on these fun and amazing games.

Senet is truly a gateway to doing to Renaissance Faire and I am excited to share my first ancient game with you all.

(Curious minds & inquisitive souls, here’s the directions. All else, have the best day ever!)

Senet: Game of Passing

Senet is played with 2 players. The goal is to move your pieces in a Z fashion around the board and off before the other person gets there pieces off the board. Movement is measured by Throwing sticks depending on which side it up (dark or light) determines how many spaces you go. If you land on the Nile ~~~ then you must go back to the rebirth square. If you land on an opponent’s piece you “switch” places with them. Everyone must land on the House of Happiness (it looks like 3 spades) and to get off the board one must throw an exact number indicated on the last 3 squares.

Each of the 30 squares has a meaning and many believe that it teaches about the path to the afterlife. Once you get these basics down, details can be added to complicate the game more.

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