9-Man Morris

Since our fist setup location is the Oregon Renaissance Faire let’s talk about a 16th century game.

Wood use in medieval Novgorod edited by Mark Brisbane and John Hather

9-man Morris was a very popular game for the average person in the renaissance era because it could be drawn in the dirt & the playing pieces consisted of different colored rocks or acorns or leaves, really anything found in nature.

Today’s players will notice that it’s like a glorified Tic-Tac-Toe game in that you must create 3 in a row to take your opponents piece off the board (it can’t be the ones that are already in a 3 in a row). Each person plays with 9 pieces or 9 “men”. Once all the pieces have been placed then you can slide your “men” along a line to create more 3 in a row to be able to take more of your opponents “men” off the board. The winner is the one left with the most “men”.

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