What recharges your batteries? I’m up for some new ideas from you!

For some reason this question has stumped me. What exactly am I working on? In this time between faires what do I exactly do?

What am doing between Faires to refresh my spirit?!? During my basic thrilling & exciting weekly schedule, I work, eat, sleep, zone out watching Netflix, & I paint, knit or crochet, play Xbox with my boys, enjoy church, play board games, & relax with my family.

There isn’t a lot of time between Oregon Renaissance Faire, Art Jam, & Canterbury, so at this very moment, I’m working hard on crafting ancient games. I have several versions of each game & they need to be finished before Canterbury.

We all need to recharge our batteries. For me, reading, knitting & crochet has always done the trick, but lately I’ve tried my hand at painting & LOVE IT! Like me, you may find that trying something new is fun & actually relaxing.

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