A step back in time ~ Canterbury

The chill hits my face and I snuggle back into the firs and blankets not wanting to wake. I can hear the murmur from around the camp sight of others waking and birds chirping. The air is fresh with the faint hint of brawny coffee brewing and the sweet smell of someone cooking pancakes, my eyes flutter open and I breathe deep. Today is going to be a good day.

Slipping from the blankets I hurriedly get dressed, trying to beat the chill. “Boots go on before gown and corset” I remind myself. Soon I am out the door of the tent in search of where the smell of coffee is coming from. “Morning babe.” I kiss John as he hands me a cup that is filled with this warm elixir of life. Everyone still looks groggy but all smiles and I contemplate the day before me. It’s going to be a warm day but I’m excited to start and I gather up my gear. “Meet you up there,” I start hiking towards Faire.

Good Morrow! And Morning! Greet me on my way to our booth. Dust shuffles as the walls fall on many booths in preparation of the day. Sunlight sparkles through the trees & feels warm on my smiling face. The beautiful bustle of the morning fills me with excitement and I can hear musician and performers practicing. The knights are testing the sound system and I laugh at their jokes & cheerful bantering. Anticipation is growing.

Once at the booth. I start setting up and am soon joined by all of our cast members and we set up shop. My vocabulary shifts. No longer am I in the 21st century.

A gunshot rings through the air. Faire is officially open.

Lords and Ladies come from all over the land to feast their eyes on amazing feats and their taste buds on the best food in the land. Knights contest for the highest honor, the cash of swords and the clink of armor is heard. “Make way for the Queen!” We all stand and bow. We are all humbled that she has graced our small faire. With luck she may stop by our humble booth, for I have crafted for her a gift of an everlasting rose that she will look kindly upon myself and my household. The cry of vendors fill the air as they hawk their wares, some even bring baskets around through the crowd hoping for an extra sale or two.

We are visited by all sorts; nobility and peasant, fae and wild creature; all curious of the treasure we hold.

Gunshots ring out the closing of faire, the day finally hits me as corsets are loosened and we start cleaning up. A happy exhaustion leaves me satisfied of the day as we head back to camp. Dinner is prepared, the books added up and totaled twice (just because my brain is tired), and friends gather for games as we discuss the events of the day. Laughing is truly the best medicine and the night ends with much of it amongst the games and food and stories.

All are welcomed and accepted.

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