Canterbury ~ by Guest Writer Michael aka Frostylocks

There’s a magick at Canterbury that keeps us coming back year after year. I love this faire. I love the owner and her family. I love the patrons. I love the participants. And we have met so many awesome people here. I feel so lucky to be able to perform here. It was a gyft.
Put this Faire on your MUST DO list. The Canterbury Renaissance Faire is an annual event open the last two weekends of July. Over 100 artisans, merchants and artists with a slew of participants and entertainers gather here for your enjoyment. And this year, there were record numbers of patrons.
Huddled together and nestled in the woods beside the fairegrounds, the participant tent village was massive! Being lulled to sleep by laughter and people enjoying their time is THE BEST.
One of the fun things I did at Faire this year was parade Mindy, a first-timer to the Faire, around the upper lane past the Queen’s Pavilion to get ice cream while I made up music and lyrics. As we passed by patrons and participants, I wound up the crowd asking them to wave, cheer and welcome her. They did. It was awesome. She will not forget that experience. It was glorious fun.
Imagine scores of people you’ve never met greeting you with smiles and cheers. It was a wonderful ten minutes of Faire famedom for Mindy. This is what we do. This is Faire.
But fun-ness like this only works when there is trust and respect between directors, entertainers and all the participants. When everyone is on the same harmonious staff and the primary objective is to lyft others up, magick happens. This is Canterbury.
I’ve been attempting to convince the corporate Faires of this, but sadly, they don’t get it. Nancy puts on garb and joins the revelry. She’s there with us. Playing. Having fun. Showing the world her beautiful vision. And we are grateful for that vision and for providing such a fantastic venue for our art.
I could go on and on and on. There’s so many incredible people there that my eyes are watering as I type. It was a beautiful experience. The last day of Faire almost EVERYONE was playing and frolicking in the lanes. We were all one big happy troupe of rennies reeling everyone into our world. I wish that I had been a patron that day just to witness the shenanigans. It was a site to behold.
I wanted to stay for a third weekend. Two is not enough anymore. I miss it already. Perhaps, that is the genius of Canterbury. We already miss The Faire.
See thee at Faire.

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