The Wild & Wonderful Power of Pickles

Hear the cry of the man pushing the cart of pickles. “Dill-ectible Pickles!”

Did you know Pickles have magical properties? Alright maybe they aren’t full of magic, but they are helpful in many ways. With all the Faires we have gone to, we have tested & proven their pucker power over and over again.

Besides being a tasty treat, here are a few ways Dill-isous pickles can actually help your body:

~ Dehydrated? Eating a dill pickle will bring your electrolytes back up to a normal level and you will make it so you can last till your body gets enough water.

~ Heartburn? Pickles can ease your tummy troubles away.

~ Cramp? Make that painful leg or foot cramp go away with a simple dill pickle.

~ Blood Sugar? Whether it is too high or too low, pickles can balance your blood sugar.

No, we’re not medical doctors.
Yes, PICKLES are a very BIG DILL!

(Personal opinion: the best ones are The Pickle Peddler at Oregon Renaissance Faire).

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