Gluckhaus – The House of Fortune

Developed in Germany around the 15th century Gluckhaus was more than likely a betting game that could be played with two or more players. Your goal is to win all the coins by rolling the dice and taking or placing a coin on the space corresponding to the number you rolled. Some spaces have special instructions. The Pig he is greedy and wants to eat everything so he takes all the coins except for the wedding, he is not invited to that. At the wedding you must present a gift, always leave a coin. Lastly the King, you cannot deny the King, he will take all the coins off the board even from the wedding.

Family, food, & games are what make Christmastime special. Late night visiting, snacking it out, & cuddling up is fun. Just being together is especially special! Order Gluckhaus today & play make an ancient game a new tradition in your home this Christmas.

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