The most excellent thing about a Renaissance Faire

Finally! I collapse in a camp chair. The day is done and I sit there zoning out for a minute. A sigh escapes my lips and I reach down to pull off my boots. Pleasant bantering echoes from outside the mess tent and I smile. With the hard work faire day done, it is time for play. Over in the corner is the game box, each game ready to be played & won, with bragging rights. Soon enough the tent will be filled with happy exhausted faire players, actors, minstrels, and merchants in various states of costume and disarray, Standing somewhere in between century’s past and present.

This in-between moment is one of my favorite times. My body is exhausted and my brain tired. I have all the memories of an amazing day, but I know a great many laughs are yet to come. My friends and faire family will unwind & relax together.

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