Leap Day

Leap for Joy for this day only happens every 4 years!!!
An old Irish legend has it that on this day (and this day only) a woman ask her man to marry her! If her hopeful gentleman says no, then he must buy her a whole new wardrobe. What an amusing old tradition. (My clothes closet be okay with that)

Another weird thing about February 29th is many businesses don’t recognize it as a valid day. This kind of makes sense except for people who are born today. They are often forced by banks & insurance companies to choose either February 28th or March 1st for their birthday. What a rip off! Wouldn’t it be waaaay more fun to keep your date February 29th & party like crazy every 4 years!!!

Whether or not you are asking your man to marry you or or plan to buy your own new wardrobe, have a wonderful day! Leap for joy because it’s a great BONUS day to be alive! I’m going to spend it jumping over random things……. Trying not to land on my face. 😀

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