Work Hard, Play Hard

It’s Amazing astonishing how much work is put into setting up a booth, but it is always so much more fun doing it with the our cheerful crew. We work hard & play hard! Here are some fun after hours pics of this year. Enjoy!

When we thought the season was done

Its not…. We got invited to two more events this year. First one is the Spokane Renaissance Faire, October 5th-6th and then we go to the Goblin Market, October 12th-14th. Hope to see you there!

Amazing Gifts

Well, winter is coming fast and we have no more faires for this year. We are still in business so if you are interested in an Amazing original Gift, send us an email at

Ode to the Shrew

What a fun time was Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire in both rain and shine. We cannot wait to visit you again.

After Hours Shenanigans

Working all day at faire is fun but hard and a lot of times we don’t even want to move when we get back to camp. Often times we feel like Game Night!!!

Woe is me!!! The Coffee!!!

 “Where has all the Coffee gone?” bellowed in Jack Sparrow’s voice! It seems that we have run out of coffee! Either that or someone has snuck into our humble abode and has stolen it! Would some kind noble be willing to donate a coin or two so that we may make the purchase of this…

My Knight in Dinged-Up Armor

Many young women have dreamed “I want a knight in bright shining armor to come rescue me.” And others say that a girl needs to fend for herself and be her own knight. What I always wanted is a Knight in dented, worn, & Dinged up Armor. Why you may ask? First of all a…

Tell Me Your Faire Stories

So many fun things happen at Faire! Whether it be someone that you’ve interacted with or some shenanigans that we’ve taken part in. I love talking to everyone about their adventures. What is your Favorite Faire Story? We all have at least one adventure we love to tell… Now is your Chance!!!

Ellie aka Mistress Eleonore

A more recent addition to our household is Mistress Eleonore whose husband is in the Navy and therefore did not wish to spend the long days alone. Consequently, she came to live with Goodwife Joan, being that they are related by their husbands. She is a kind girl, not used to the life in the…

Keeping This Show on the Road

Tis the middle of the season and we are running to and fro from faire to faire. This is my favorite time of year. I hope you are enjoying this ride as much as I am. Kindly help us achieve our lofty goals by bequeathing any jewels, treasure, time and prayers to the cause. Thank…